Wealthtech gen-AI to prosper
with confidence

Finerative partners with wealth management entities globally to boost productivity, efficiency and sales by harnessing the power of Gen-AI Tech.

A new language in wealth management

Introducing our gen-AI platform to boost wealth management productivity with privacy and control

  • Private Gen-AI: Private MSFT Azure cloud, with private access to top-tier AI models
  • Financial Engine: Built-in calculation engine to run investment products and portfolio quantitative analysis
  • Market data: A financial database specifically designed to work with gen-AI tech
  • Wealth-trained LLM: GPTadvisor’s signature LLM trained over wealth management use cases to boost productivity.


Turn your investment products data into conversational insights and empower your whole adviser network to achieve more in less time. GPTadvisor helps advisers find the insight, the comparison or the product analysis they need just by asking for it, in seconds.


GPTadvisor integrates your advisor rules and workflows to speed up proceses and deliver more value. Generate proposals, compare products, adjust portfolios or build comprehensive analysis in seconds.


GPTadvisor signature models are designed to make wealth management more comprehensible and engaging to investors. Build clarity and transparency and foster willingness to invest in their financial future.

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